Our team of Professional Aestheticians at Salon Greco are focused on the long term appearance of your skin. Regular facials are important to maintaining great looking & feeling skin. There are many elements today that damage the appearance of your skin such as the weather, spending long periods of time staring at phone screens & computer screens, natural aging, and poor diet. 

Trust your skin to the Professionals at Salon Greco to build a healthy & bright future for your skin. 




Hydro Facial Peel

A non invasive, multi step, Aesthetic treatment that uses a specialized machine to cleanse, exfoliate, extract impurities, hydrate & infuse active ingredients to the skin, all at the same time.

Much like a Microdermabrasion machine, the Hydro Facial Peel uses a hand held vacuum based tip that jets out USP water and a mixture of clinically formulated ingredients in a unique vortex flow. The treatment  extracts impurities from the skin & infuses nutrients at the same time, delivering optimum cleansing & hydration to the skin.

*Recommended once every 4-6 weeks for healthy maintenance*

Our Hydro Facial Peel is not to be mistaken with HydraFacial®.  How is ours different?

  • Our Hydro Facial Peel is 45 minutes long (others are only 15-20 minutes.)
  • Distilled water is the key ingredient of a Hydro Facial Peel. We use purified, Pharmaceutical Grade water (graded USP Water for injections) for better, deeper skin infusion.
  • Each step of our treatment is customized to suit your skin’s needs. Our Aestheticians control the vacuum intensity and Aqua force as well as the choice of peel necessary for each skin type.  (Others uses a pre-programed machine protocol.)
  • Our chemical peel is performed manually, as we customize the choice of peel to suit your skin’s needs and the placement (other treatments are performed with the machine.)
  • Our treatment includes a Peptide Infusion (other treatments offer it as an add on and charge more.)
  • We finish our Hydro Facial Peel with a soothing calming mask & compress so you look refreshed and renewed (other treatments leave skin red and looking irritated).
  • Compare our 45 min Hydro Facial Peel at $149 with others at 15-20 min for $179 +.
  • We believe in a fair price for a customized skin care treatment; we do not believe in exuberant fees for trademark registrations. The results you get from our treatment are the combination of our Aesthetician’s training, the quality of our products along with an incredibly flexible machine that allows us to customize each treatment.



The Greco Facial

Our Greco treatment is suited for all skin types and uses natural European products to go beyond enhancing the look of your skin to restore harmony and balance. Our signature contouring massage will leave you looking toned, youthful, and totally rejuvenated, unlike any facial you have experienced. Includes lymphatic restoration & muscle stimulation massage and is customized to meet your skin’s needs. Get ready for complements!


Purifying Facial

A purifying facial is recommended as a first time facial. Includes skin analysis & diagnosis, deep cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, facial massage, active concentrate & moisturizing. After your Purifying Facial, you will receive a personalized skin care regiment suited for your skin’s needs recommended by your Aesthetician.


Express Facial

Facial Beauty on the run, yet skin specific and result oriented. Includes, cleansing, exfoliation & moisturizing.


Men’s Facial

Combines deep pore cleansers, exfoliates, mask & moisturizers to leave a man’s skin clean & looking youthful. Hot steam towels and a relaxing neck & shoulder massage round out the experience.




Tone & Lift Treatments


Face Lift Sculpting by NeurotriS™

Our Face Lift Sculpting has been called the “non-surgical facelift”. We use specific bio-electric energy to stimulate & tone the deepest part of tissue & facial muscles to diminish fine lines, creases and wrinkles, while revitalizing & hydrating the skin making it smoother and softer.

The treatment also improves circulation & lymphatic drainage, rejuvenates the natural “glow” of your complexion, firms and contours skin, tightens sagging jowls, double chins, fatty cheeks, reduces acne, dark circles & puffiness under the eyes. No other aesthetic service can come close to these proven results!  There is no down time and is recommended as a series for long lasting effect.

What is Micro-current?

A voltage is applied across a conductive material (skin), one end becomes positive (+) and the other negative (-). Current is the movement of the electrons from one end to the other. This movement is measured in amperes or amps (symbol: A). Micro-current is simply a small number of electrons that move from one end to the other.

What is Micro-current Therapy?

Used by athletes and celebrities, micro-current therapy is the most talked about non-invasive solution to look and feel younger! Micro-current therapy is used today in the anti-aging industry by spas for facial and body sculpting in addition to medical offices for treating pain and reducing inflammation.


enzyme facial Peels


Lemon Zest  Enzyme Peel - Promotes deep hydration that protects from environmental damage & brightens the skin with the antioxidant and brightening benefits of Lemon. 

Passion Fruit Enzyme Peel - Firms the skin by utilizing Kollaren and it's tissue repairing properties that hep restore collagen & elastin. Not recommended for rosacea or sensitive skin. 

Coconut & Papaya Enzyme Peel - Dissolves dead skin cells revealing healthy & soft skin. Ideal for dry, touch, and wrinkled skin. Works well with sensitive skin & rosacea. For normal to dry skin.

Blueberry Enzyme Peel - Blueberries contain potent antioxidants for anti-anging. Provides a nice brightening exfoliation that minimizes pores and leaves the skin feeling very soft. For all skin types except sensitive. 


*Recommend 6-8 Peels 7-10 days apart for best results*


Skin Specific Mask


Charcoal Mask - Skin detoxing and pore cleansing to clarify skin while aiding in the absorption of excess oil and impurities. 

Seaweed Mask - Re-balancing, nourishing, hydrating, cell re-generation and detoxifying. For normal, dry, and sensitive skin. 



Add Ons Services 


Eye Veil

Babor Ampoule

24K Collagen Mask

Neck & Décolleté Treatment


Advanced Skin Wellness Packages


Mini Hydro Facial Series $357

25 minutes

Individual price: $99

Package of 4: $357 ($39 savings)

Hydro Facial Series $402

Perfect skin treatment regimen for acne prone skin, dry & wrinkled skin, and dull complexions. See results with this series!

45 minutes

Individual price: $149

Series of 3: $402 ($45 savings)