Holiday Jump Start - Are you Ready?

We all know the day after Halloween starts the month of November, and that means every retail store pops up their Holiday decor and promotions. We may think it's too soon, and think... wow are they really going to skip over Thanksgiving? No way! Here's some interesting statistics...



On average, 42% of holiday shoppers start shopping in November! Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday all fall at the end of November and we all know we're waiting for all those deals to kick off our shopping. 

Here's what you can do to be super prepared and ready for your holiday shopping...





1. Start Now If You Haven't Already

Easier said than done- we know! Put it into perspective on a calendar view, count how many paydays remain until the holidays hit. Use them as a "deadline" for your list. Write out everybody you want to buy a gift for on a sheet of paper or try a free app on your phone. Take a head count and divide that number by how many paydays you have. (10 people / 5 paydays = 2 people per payday). Doesn't seem so bad if it's put like that does it? 

But start now! So you're not scrambling and rushing and stressing. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated! 

2. Plan Plan PLAN!

After you've made your list and broken down your "list deadline" (trying to avoid shopping on Christmas Eve), it's time to figure out where you're going to find your mother-in-law's favorite beauty products (Salon Greco - obviously). If Uncle Tom wants a new dress shirt, figure out where you're going to buy the dress shirt from BEFORE you head out shopping. 

Once you map out all the stores you need to hit, organize them by how close they are to each other so you can stop by two stores close by one Friday, and two more the following. 

3. Harness The Power Of Smartphone Apps

Make it a habit to always check your smartphone for possible savings while you're waiting in line at a store. The most useful apps are Flok, RetailMeNot, and Google!

Flok: Many businesses have Loyalty Programs through the Flok App, including Salon Greco. It's very simple to use, just download the app form your app store. Once you join by creating an account or directly with your Facebook. You now have access to joining tons of different loyalty programs of local businesses in your area. 

RetailMeNot: The best for finding any and all in-store and online coupons! 

Google: If you're not able to find any savings through Flok or RetailMeNot, simply run a Google search "Salon Greco coupon" and see if there's any luck there. Most of the time you'll find some sort of promotion! 


4. Shop Small & Support Your Community

You hear it all the time, but it's a real thing. You drive passed tons of local small businesses everyday, have you ever stopped inside? Are you an Amazon freak? Did you know Amazon does not always have the best price, especially with shipping costs. 

Salon Greco will have tons of deals the weekend following Thanksgiving! You won't want to miss out. To make sure you get the Door Buster e-mail please subscribe. 

5. Amp Up Your Wrapping Skills

Ever embarrassed by the way your gifts end up looking after they're wrapped? Check out this video, very simple tricks and tips on wrapping gifts. 


What's better than a gift of beauty & relaxation? This year at Salon Greco when you purchase a $100 gift card you receive $60 in Bonuses! $20 gift card for you, and $40 bonuses to give to friends & family as gifts! Treat yourself and check off your loved ones from your holiday list!